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Roads and Roadbed Applications

PX300  replaces traditional road and pad building materials with an environmentally friendly liquid 
polymer-resin product that can reduce road construction and maintenance costs.  When used as a 
base, PX300 roads and pads are highly impermeable, durable and cost-effective.  

Read below to learn more about this outstanding and technologically advanced stabilizer product.

Building the PX300 Road

Mixing Rate:

10 to 15 gallons of water for each gallon of PX300, depending on amount of moisture in the soil at time of project commencement, climatic conditions and type of soil

Application Rate:

Depending on soil composition, 1 gallon of PX-300 product for each 40 to 66 square feet of project area. (Benchmark: 66 sq. ft.)  Go to Stabilization Info page for more information)

Cure Time:

24 to 72 hours without rain, preferably with exposure to sunshine.  Do not apply if temperature will drop below 40F during application and curing process.


Traveling mixer, disc or equivalent
 Motor Grader with rippers (Caterpillar 12G or equivalent)
 Water truck (two preferably) - 3,000 gal. capacity
 Double drum roller, 10-12 tons (Hyster C-754A or equivalent)


The pictures and text below show the steps involved in a typical project.


Step I

PX-300 is poured into a water truck along with  water for spreading the mixture over the area to be treated.  PX-300 concentration in the water carrier depends upon the moisture of  the soil, climatic conditions and type of soil to be stabilized.


  Step II

A  disc (36")  fragments and breaks  up the soil  in the area to be treated, to a depth of 5" to 6"


Simultaneously, the water truck spreads the PX-300/ water mixture over the area undergoing the disc process.

Step III

A motor grader  shapes and compacts the treated area consistent with the engineering specifications.  



  This road, in San Diego County, CA, is stabilized with PX300,  wears well and has a natural appearance appropriate for this mountain area.  

Chip seal over a PX300 stabilized road bed provides a simple and durable wear surface for this road in San Bernardino County,   California 

This PX300 stabilized roadbed will have a 2 inch asphalt application instead of the usual 4-6 inches required by traditional road-building methods.  PX 300  stabilization reduces by one-half the depth of asphalt required  for a durable wear surface for heavy traffic.


Crushed coral rock provides an attractive additional surface for a PX 300  road in Japan.

Contact us about your requirements for roads, pads, lots  or other surfaces.

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