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Laboratory Test Results

Lab results using PX300 treated soil  prove our claims that PX300 is strong, durable, resists water penetration and is environmentally friendly. Here are links to the actual laboratory reports, in Adobe Acrobat files:

Strength Test:  ASTM D 2166, Teratest Labs In this test, a PX300 treated soil sample was subjected to extremely high pressures.  The unconfined sample withstood  pressure equal to 1233 pounds per square inch (1233 PSI). 

Strength  Test: ASTM C39    Recently, PX300 was again tested for strength under ASTM  C39 by Leighton Laboratories, in connection with a turf football field installed at Los Angeles Harbor College.  A remarkable test result of 1470 PSI was achieved, using site soil from the project.  

Permeability Test:  ASTM D 5084, Teratest Labs - - The Permeability Test measures the ability of PX300 to withstand the effects of water submersion. In the test, a permeability coefficient of  2.9 x 10-9 cm/sec was achieved.

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures (TCLP) The TCLP test represents an EPA standard set of analytic criteria for potentially harmful VOCís.  The test revealed that for the standard battery of volatiles, levels were undetectable, indicating the benign character of PX300.

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