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PX300 stabilized fields  provide all the qualities that cities,  colleges, and school 
districts are looking for when they convert their playing fields to artificial turf:  

PX 300 soil base is water tight, and prevents the sagging of the turf field caused 
by wet weather.  

PX 300 is hard and durable and can be easily shaped to provide a level playing field

PX 300 uses on-site soil, and therefore there is no need to haul away and dispose 
of site soil, and no need to haul in a new rock base.  Px 300 is mixed right in the 
ground of the field site.  

The pictures below show some of the steps involved in constructing 
a PX300 stabilized artificial turf playing field.

A ripper  mixes PX 300 
and the site soil

Roller drums compact 
the playing field

The field base is ready 
for turf installation


Below are pictures of completed  artificial turf installations using PX300 as the base.  


Football field, Concordia University

Soccer, football field, Campbell Hall College

Football field, 
L.A. Harbor College

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